Pasture Raised Pork

Embrace the superior taste and ethical choice of our pork, a testament to our commitment to regenerative agriculture and the well-being of animals. Our pork is derived from heritage breed pigs that have access to pastures, providing you with a premium, environmentally conscious pork product that's miles away from factory-farmed alternatives.


• Regenerative Farms: Our dedication to regenerative farming practices ensures that our  pigs contribute positively to the ecosystem, enhancing soil health and biodiversity while producing wholesome meat.

• Heritage Breed: We raise heritage breed pigs, preserving genetic diversity and promoting animal well-being, resulting in pork with unmatched flavor and texture.

•  Our pigs enjoy the freedom to roam and graze on open pastures, practicing rotational grazing to maintain pasture vitality.

• Bacon and Pork Belly Excellence: Indulge in the unrivaled flavor of bacon and pork belly sourced from our pigs, delivering a perfect balance of succulence and taste.

• Non-GMO Supplementation: Our pigs are thoughtfully supplemented with non-GMO feed and antibiotic free feed, ensuring their well-rounded diet while upholding our commitment to sustainable and natural practices.

• Eating Grass Naturally: We’re lucky to be able to witness the beauty of pigs expressing their natural behaviors by rooting and eating forage, enhancing the quality of their diet and overall health.

Cooking Suggestions:

Elevate your culinary experiences with the exceptional taste of Pasture Raised Pork:

• Bacon Bliss: Savor the distinct taste of bacon that comes from pigs raised in open pastures, with a richer flavor profile that enhances any dish.

• Pork Belly Perfection: Elevate your cooking with the premium pork belly, renowned for its exquisite marbling and mouthwatering tenderness.

• Wholesome Meals: From roasts to chops, let the quality of pastured pork shine through as you prepare wholesome and delicious meals for your loved ones.

Storage Instructions:

Store your Pasture Raised Pork in a cool environment to maintain its freshness. Our commitment to responsible practices extends to the care of your meat from our farm to your table.