We are excited to partner with our friends, the Aiton’s:  Brock, Larissa, Chaz and Jenna to bring you some of the most delicious and well sourced lamb.  Quality lamb is their main goal and hold animal health and well-being as mainstays to their operation.

The Aiton's work with nature as much as possible by lambing in May, on pasture.  The lambs are raised through the summer and after being weaned in the fall for a short time they are placed back with the ewes and grazed as well as feed grass hay during the winter months. 

We believe the most quality and delicious lamb comes with slow and consistent growth.  For about a month prior to harvest they are given a small amount of barley to enhance the flavor.  We are proud to offer their lamb under the Cowgirl Meat Co label and hope everyone is able to enjoy it too!